Welcome to Piedmont Kennel Club (PKC)

**  PLEASE READ THE BELOW… if your need training Charlotte Dog Training is listed below, NO PUPPY CLASS HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED YET (9/2/2018)  

Piedmont Kennel Club is a Volunteer Organization Staffed by Dog Loving Individuals.   If you can not find information to your question on our site, or the helpful links below (can also check FAQ page),  an email to  message@pkc.org is always preferred over phone as email can be checked multiple times a day for our club members and can respond quicker than checking a voice mail.    If you need to leave a voice mail, please be sure leave your name, your email address, your number and then a detailed message of what your need is.  One of our volunteers will try to get back to you as soon as they can.

Some quick information that may be helpful for information you need:

  • For Questions on Charlotte Dog Training please check out their page https://www.charlottedogtraining.com
  • For Questions about our handling class please check out our handling class page at http://www.pkc.org/index.php/classes/confirmation-classes/ 
  • Our Puppy K Class- at this time (as of 9/2/2018) we are on hold with puppy classes. We are working to find a time slot that will work. Once we have the time slot we will launch the puppy K classes again.  Be sure to look back for information on our site.  
  • Barn Hunt we currently do not have this event at PKC but hopefully we can offer it in the future.
  • Looking for a particular breed breeder?  Try our breed contact page

Still have a question? We prefer email so that one of our volunteers can respond quicker to you.    Contact us with your question.